Pitch Coaching

To increase market share and secure funding, companies need a strong and compelling pitch. VelocityTX company clients have access to pitch coaching services provided by its sister organization, Alamo Angels, San Antonio’s premier network of angel investors.

Alamo Angels’ pitch coaches are industry experts and investors who have experience judging and funding early-stage companies. A pitch coach works closely one-on-one with the company to develop a short pitch that communicates what they do, who they do it for, how they do it, and why they are different from their competitors. Companies also learn to develop a pitch deck and the various elements that go into one. Pitch coaching aims to help companies prepare to pitch their innovation in front of a room full of investors for the opportunity to secure an investment to scale their company.¬†

Incubator Program

The Incubator Program is designed to scale early-stage bioscience companies by providing long-term support and includes office and meeting space, access to industry experts, mentors, and more.

CEO Roundtable

The CEO Roundtable is an exclusive membership program that brings together executives from non-competing bioscience and healthcare companies to foster innovation, collaboration, and connections.