SAMMI Initiative

Benefits of the Initiative

The Initiative seeks to build and support the military life science ecosystem in San Antonio by facilitating partnerships and innovations that help the military meet their medical mission requirements, and at the same time, create commercialization opportunities for the community. Since it’s inception, the Initiative has invested a quarter of a million dollars in local early-stage companies. In addition, the program has hosted symposiums, panel discussions and Military Medical Industry Days (MMID), which are the City’s premier networking and collaboration events for bringing together representatives from the private sector with military medical leaders from all branches of the armed services.

The SAMMI Initiative is a key component of the overall VelocityTX innovation model of connecting, supporting, and funding businesses working with our local military medical community.


Annual Event | May 2023

Military Medical Industry Days (MMID)

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Annual Event | May 2022

Military Medical Industry Days (MMID)

CRADA with the Military

VelocityTX and the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR) have a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) in place to allow the two organizations to work together on “Software Development for Decision Support Technologies”.

This collaboration is a pivotal, public-private pilot venture whereby the USAISR and VelocityTX are partnering for the development of critical technologies that address needs in battlefield medicine. VelocityTX is providing USAISR with workspace, embedded within their state-of-the-art Innovation Center in San Antonio, TX. This will enable government personnel to have ready access to private-sector companies with cutting edge technology, innovation, and commercialization expertise.

Combining government expertise and resources with complimentary contributions from VelocityTX will allow the USAISR to leverage its resources, potentiating acceleration of technology development of next-generation medical decision support systems.

VelocityTX will leverage the profound military life science research and commercialization assets in the San Antonio region to ultimately benefit the various military missions. VelocityTX intends to co-locate aspects of these military assets along with select San Antonio biomedical research, academic, and industry assets to create a responsive innovation ecosystem.

The VelocityTX Innovation Center is the nexus of expertise designed to facilitate access to local resources and to accelerate innovative technologies, especially those related to military missions. The ultimate desire is to create a hub of innovative activity that benefits the military and the network of partners.

Incubator Program

The Incubator Program is designed to scale early-stage bioscience companies by providing long-term support and includes office and meeting space, access to industry experts, mentors, and more.

CEO Roundtable

The CEO Roundtable is an exclusive membership program that brings together executives from non-competing bioscience and healthcare companies to foster innovation, collaboration, and connections.