BioGlobal Accelerator Program

The BioGlobal Accelerator Program is a highly competitive, 6-week (in-person) collaborative accelerator that helps bioscience companies scale with velocity. The BioGlobal Accelerator Program is the first and only one of its kind in San Antonio specialized for early-stage companies focusing on medical devices, biotech, and healthcare IT.

Through coaching by Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIR), mentoring from industry experts, and interactive technical and business sessions, this unique program provides the resources entrepreneurs need to succeed. VelocityTX connects high-potential companies with custom growth strategies, talent, investors, and a prominent bioscience ecosystem.

Early-stage companies have two options for payment terms (please refer to program agreement for details) and dedicated co-working space at VelocityTX Innovation Center.

Application Open: Now
Application Closes: July 31, 2023
Cohort Announced: August 16, 2023
Program Duration: Sept-Oct, 2023

Program Benefits

Meet the 2022 BioGlobal Accelerator Cohort

Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs)


Pitch Coaching

Demo Day

Networking Events

Innovation Center

Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs)


Pitch Coaching

Demo Day

Networking Events

Innovation Center

Program Curriculum

Technical Modules Business Modules
Unmet Clinical Need and Market
Business Models
Health IT and Data
Legal ad Insurance
Clinical Trials and FDA Regulations
Tax Implications
HIPAA Compliance
Finance and Accounting
Reimbursement and Financial Considerations
HR Practices
R&D and Product Development
Funding Approaches
Hospital Procurement and Sales Strategy
Organizational Development
Manufacturing Strategy and Outsourcing
Building a Pitch

Requirements and Eligibility

Program Expectations

Program Agreement

VelocityTX offers companies two options for payment terms. Please review the program and SAFE agreements to determine which payment option is right for your company’s financing situation.

Application Process

The application opens Spring 2023, with a closing date of July 31st. A maximum of 8 companies will be accepted into the program. The cohort selection will be announced in August 2023.

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Meet the 2021 BioGlobal Accelerator Cohort

Biomedical Development Corporation

Biomedical Development Corporation is developing KIOS, a digital health therapeutic for the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD). KIOS will be an FDA-approved digital therapeutic medical device used adjunctively to medication assisted therapy. In contrast to other digital products for OUD, only KIOS offers continuously available, individualized, evidence-based behavioral intervention strategies responsive to a patient’s evolving clinical status outside the context of the doctor’s office or treatment facility.

Life SI

Life SI is devoted to the development of technology for health-research, mainly 3D Bioprinting and Microfluidics. One of the main goals is to create human tissue do transplant in real-life patients. Life SI’s product is mainly aimed to research instituitions such as universities working on reseach for health applications.

Dialectra by Powell Medical Innovations

Powell Medical Innovations is a start up focused on creating and investing in new medical technologies. This company is unique in the field because the founding members are composed are not associated with a physicians group or biotech company, but rather just two individuals with fresh ideas.

The only product currently under the ownership of Powell Medical Innovations is Dialectra, a sensing apparatus for peritoneal dialysis patients.


Savidj is a neurological health technology company developing software for use in off-the-shelf XR devices. We are also developing a Faceguard, which can be embedded with our software, to be used in contact sports, to detect concussions.

Savidj is devoted to the detection, monitoring, and improvement of neurological health through our proprietary eye-tracking & head movement software. 

Their goal is to detect neurological disorders such as concussions or Alzheimer’s Disease, early in order to begin rapid treatment and prevent further impairments.


A medical device company that aims to tackle the problem of high-cost prosthetics by delivering affordable alternatives to the prosthetic market. Alt-Bionics is applying new, advanced, and low-cost technology to medical devices to display the capabilities that are similar in both form and function to higher-priced devices.


Manufactures and commercializes biodegradable personal disposable equipment, compostable and biodegradable plastic bags, and a new patented line of anti-viral (SARS COV2) material. 


An oncology solution company providing products to solve the unmet needs resulting from cancer treatment. While cancer survival continues to improve, side effects remain significant in terms of reduced quality of life and healthcare cost.


Is developing a noninvasive and simple disease diagnostic strategy for early Alzheimer’s screening, utilizing cutting-edge miRNA and Machine Learning technology.

Olifant Medical Inc.

Is developing and commercializing novel medical device solutions for healthcare workers’ technical challenges, creating better patient-provider experiences, leading to better outcomes for patients, and saving lives.


Is an application that records and organizes the patient’s day-to-day events and provides real-time reports to clinics and doctors, to improve patient quality of life.

Incubator Program

The Incubator Program is designed to scale early-stage bioscience companies by providing long-term support and includes office and meeting space, access to industry experts, mentors, and more.

CEO Roundtable

The CEO Roundtable is an exclusive membership program that brings together executives from non-competing bioscience and healthcare companies to foster innovation, collaboration, and connections.