Portfolio of Companies

VelocityTX portfolio are comprised of high-growth, high-potential companies that have demonstrated a strong product-market fit. Check out the investment list below.

Total Direct Jobs
$ 1
Average Wage
1 %
Jobs Offer Advanced Educational, Skills, or Technical Training
$ 1
Total Private and Public Sector Investment

Meet the 2021 BioGlobal Accelerator Companies

Alt-Bionics | Texas | altbionics.com

A medical device company that aims to tackle the problem of high-cost prosthetics by delivering affordable alternatives to the prosthetic market. Alt-Bionics is applying new, advanced, and low-cost technology to medical devices to display the capabilities that are similar in both form and function to higher-priced devices.  

Bioxiplas | Chile | bioxiplas.cl

Manufactures and commercializes biodegradable personal disposable equipment, compostable and biodegradable plastic bags, and a new patented line of anti-viral (SARS COV2) material. 

Eisana | Texas | eisana.com

An oncology solution company providing products to solve the unmet needs resulting from cancer treatment. While cancer survival continues to improve, side effects remain significant in terms of reduced quality of life and healthcare cost.

Neurognos | Chile | neurognos.com

Is developing a noninvasive and simple disease diagnostic strategy for early Alzheimer’s screening, utilizing cutting-edge miRNA and Machine Learning technology. 

Thummi | Brazil | thummi.org

Is an application that records and organizes the patient’s day-to-day events and provides real-time reports to clinics and doctors, to improve patient quality of life. 

Olifant Medical Inc. | Texas

Is developing and commercializing novel medical device solutions for healthcare workers’ technical challenges, creating better patient-provider experiences, leading to better outcomes for patients, and saving lives. 

2019 BioGlobal Accelerator Companies

Tekus | Colombia | tekus.co

Tekus focuses on developing technical solutions in retail, education, manufacturing, commerce, and the public sphere with a specialization in communication systems. It offers a digital signage product, Arlebox, which works through integration with information systems.

Sysdatec | Colombia/Venezuela/Ecuador | sysdatec.us

Sysdatec Corp is a multinational company that offers enterprise content management systems that focuses on the integration of information from different sources in a single repository, this enables companies to be efficient in the decision-making process. They think outside the box when it comes to deployment or delivery of enterprise CMS for businesses.

Voptime | Colombia | voptime.ai

Licence free Robot Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) robots in additi0on to AI integration. It offers fast performing cloud integrated customized automation services with the goal of process automati0on, accuracy, and reliability without the high cost associated with RPA licenses.


Libera offers services in cash flow management to save money and time through an ecosystem for maximum performance and avoiding late payments through 3 different financial solutions catered to different types of companies.

Book to Fly | Colombia | booktofly.co

Book to fly is an e-commerce platform for travel agencies in Latin America where products can be sold with the company’s own logos while having full control over their agreements. It has clients in over 7 Latin American countries with over 55 agencies, and 1,600 clients active.

The Sonar Company | Texas | thesonarcompany.com

Sports Sonar is a B2B platform that allows sports teams to better interact with their fans while providing their sponsors with much more visibility. It uses gamification to engage the audience during sporting events. While using the app, they deliver branded video content into mobile, using an ultrasonic tone that cannot be heard by the human ear, providing a new monetization stream to the team, as well as a mass virtualization for their sponsors Sports sonar can be embedded into an existing application or customized as a stand-alone app for clients who may need something special Discover the power of sound, while engaging fans of the team.

Incubator Program

The Incubator Program is designed to scale early-stage bioscience companies by providing long-term support and includes office and meeting space, access to industry experts, mentors, and more.

CEO Roundtable

The CEO Roundtable is an exclusive membership program that brings together executives from non-competing bioscience and healthcare companies to foster innovation, collaboration, and connections.